Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Landscape classes with Jef Gunn

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Hello Painters,

Ongoing Saturday afternoon Landscape classes are offered, beginning this coming Saturday the 25th.
The first meeting is in the studio. With any luck and good weather, we paint at the train yard.
May your hands be ever spotted with paint,


Jef Gunn

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Quick Draw"! Saturday September 25, 2010

 The Columbia Art Gallery Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2010 Quick Draw is an opportunity for everyone to experience painting "en plein air"! This 5.5 hour painting event is open to anyone. Whether you’ve never painted outdoors before or you are a "veteran" —you are welcome! The day ends with the opportunity to show your work at the Gallery during the special Quick Draw Reception. The registration fee is $10 when you register in advance, $15 at the door. All artists may use any medium, but must paint in the plein air tradition (outdoors, in “real time”).

 Saturday, September 25, 2010
(Check-in: 9:00 am) Event runs from 9-2:30pm.

Columbia Art Gallery, 215 Cascade Street, Hood River, OR 97031 (Paint in Downtown Hood River and the Hood River Marina).

 Interested artists will fill out an application. The deadline is September 25, 2010. Registration is $10 when paid in advance and $15 when paid at the door. Checks should be made out to Columbia Art Gallery (or pay online HERE). For more information, contact Celeste Bergin 503 774 3787.

On Saturday, September 25, between 9 am and 9:30 am, check in at Columbia Art Gallery to have your blank canvases stamped and pick up your title & price labels. You may paint as many canvases as you want, but only two pieces will go into the one-evening reception show. You may paint anywhere in Downtown Hood River and at the Hood River Marina. For those interested in painting the figure a model will be located on the lawn of the library. The Quick draw art must be created during the Quick draw time frame.

Your paintings must be delivered to the gallery at 2:30. Each painting is required to be for sale and to have a title and a price written on the label. Paintings will be on display for sale with 60% proceeds going to the artist. We recommend that artists interested in displaying bring a wired frame that fits your supports, or use gallery wrap canvas.

The Columbia Art Gallery will hold a Reception from 6-8pm on Saturday September 25.

Note: This is Columbia Art Gallery’s first year doing a “quick draw” and it is meant to be a no- stress positive event that will expand every successive year. The first 25 registrants will receive a surprise gift and there will be "incentives" announced at the reception. See you there!

Sponsored by Bella's Beads and Art Supply

Link to Register and pay online

Link to the Registration form (you still have to complete the form even if you pay online)

Link to the Rules

(photo: Artist Gregg Caudell paints in downtown Hood River)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Todd Smith at the Gorge White House

(Hood River Landscape by Todd Smith)

Mostly retired from a 30-year career as an architectural illustrator, Todd is finding in the Gorge area fascinating and challenging subject matter for his painting. After using watercolor as a primary medium for so many years, he has found his true love in oil painting.

The Gorge area offers an immense variety of painting subjects to stimulate his creativity, from dramatic cliffs and water in many forms to farms and historically chararacterful urban architecture.

He began enjoying the qualities of oil paints in the early ‘90s as a balance to his commercial illustration. Inspiration to try oils came from decades earlier when, at art school, he had admired the work of fine art painting students with whom he was living while he obtained a transportation design degree.

But it was a long journey to arrive at oil painting. For a number of years early in his career he was an automobile designer. He then left to obtain an MFA in ceramic sculpture. He also spent several years teaching drawing, color sketching, graphic design and product design at Arizona State University.

Today, Todd relishes the opportunity to share his responses to all the visual stimulants present in this prime scenic area.

Todd Smith

(Todd's work will be at the The Gorge White House, (2265 Hwy 35, Hood River, OR 97031, 541-386-2828) throughout the entire month of September and he is also currently showing at Columbia Art Gallery and The Pourhouse in Hood River)